PaperCut Version 21.2 is Here!

Read below to learn about what’s new in 21.2!

Advanced Scan to Fax

Need to scan and send to multiple fax machines? With PaperCut MF‘s advanced scan to fax integration now available on multiple devices, you can access all those difficult fax destinations at your fingertips, in an instant. Advanced scan to fax is now available for Toshiba, Sharp, Xerox, Canon, and HP

Also new within advanced scan to fax:

Add recipients from an external contact list. A PaperCut user can access their RightFax or XMFax contact list within the PaperCut UI. With this, administrators don’t have to maintain separate directories on the device via paper form.

Send to multiple recipients

Customers can now send one scan to fax job to multiple locations without having to re-enter the details at the panel.​ Select and send a fax to one​ or more recipients.​


eGoldFax Connector

The scan to fax action differs from other scan actions because it uses an external binary called a fax connector
to deliver the scanned documents.​

There are multiple fax connectors, one for each fax provider.​ Fax connectors encapsulate all the fax provider related logic.​ Currently, eGoldFax Connector is for Windows only. Support for Linux and macOS coming soon.​

Scan to Fax for HP

Scanning a range of different sized documents a challenge? 

HP devices can simply and quickly digitize a large range of document sizes, so you can say goodbye to page cropping with PaperCut MF’s mixed page size.


Azure Updates

With 21.2 PaperCut has added support for user/passwordAuthentication to the ‘standard’ Azure AD sync so that in​ addition to everything you were able to do in 21.0, you can now:​

Let users authenticate with their User/Password​ combination:​

  • at the device/MFD​
  • through the user (or admin) web interface​
  • through the PaperCut user client​
  • through the Release Station interface​
  • through the Print Deploy client​
  • through the Mobility Print client​

Also let users, self-associate their card at the device (when presenting an unknown card a user can now associate​
their card on the spot by logging in with their​ User/Password combination).​

Is this the same as Azure AD Secure LDAP?​

Nope! There are several key differences:​


Azure AD sync will create the user in PaperCut with the UPN, e.g.

Azure AD Secure LDAP sync will create the user in PaperCut with the MailNickName / username, e.g. alex.wallaby


Azure AD sync is free to use!​

Azure AD Secure LDAP sync – Microsoft charge an additional fee for enabling Secure LDAP through Azure Active Directory Domain Services. This is the main reason customers would choose not to use Secure LDAP. ​

Mobility Print – Cloud Print

Control access to printers in Mobility Print by configuring Cloud Print invite links to only share specific printers. ​

A premium feature only for Mobility Print customers who use PaperCut NG/MF. Standalone Mobility Print customers will be nudged to purchase PaperCut NG/MF from within the product.​

Cloud Print admin interface got a facelift to make administration easier. ​


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