Sustainable Printing for Local Government with PaperCut MF

In our third installment of our Local Government with PaperCut MF series, we’ll be discussing how PaperCut is a sustainable solution for your local government. Our previous blogs for the local government sector centered on Secure Printing with PaperCut for Local Government and Printing Made Easy with PaperCut MF for the local government sector, so be sure to check those out!

In this blog, we’ll look at the common questions that surround the local government sector when it comes to keeping printing sustainable by taking a look at the main issues local governments may have when it comes to budgeting. Finally, we’ll offer some solutions for these common issues and highlight how PaperCut MF and ecoprintQ can help you keep your printing affordable and sustainable.

Here are three common problems when it comes to keeping printing sustainable:

  1. Are you spending heaps on print costs not knowing why?
  2. Are you experiencing reduced IT budgets?
  3. Do you need to charge members of the public for printing and copying services?

Next, let’s uncover these problems a bit further:

  1. You need to tame your print environment but have a limited budget.
  2. There’s a lack of control over who’s printing what, how, and where.
  3. Too many wasteful printing habits racking up costs.
  4. Recouping costs when members of the public need to print.

PaperCut has the solutions to these problems for you, which ecoprintQ can easily help you implement. Let’s look at the proposed solutions:

Out of the box: PaperCut’s features are all included in the one-time license purchase; no surprise charges.

Policies: Prompt users to select eco- and wallet-friendly options like duplex or grayscale.

Reporting & quotas: Keep track of what departments are spending, or even add restrictions.

Prepaid and top-up cards: Enable members of the public
to easily pay for their prints.

What are the benefits of PaperCut MF to keep your printing controlled and sustainable?

If you’re still looking to see how PaperCut MF can benefit you to keep your printing sustainable, look no further. You’ll be sure to see ROI in no time with PaperCut MF. Each license is a one-time purchase that includes all the features you’re after – no ‘base’ product with exhausting amounts of add-ons. The policies and quotas you apply to users will quickly plummet spending so your wallet will be just as happy as your IT staff. Plus, you can always have a batch of prepaid print cards on hand for members of the public to quickly pay-for-print.

With ecoprintQ, PaperCut’s Authorized Solution Center, we’ll be there for you every step of the way offering training, implementation services, and support! Experts in all things PaperCut, ecoprintQ is here to ensure your printing environment is affordable, sustainable, safe, efficient, and much more with the coolest and best print management solution. Contact us today to learn more about what PaperCut can do for you by emailing us at or give us a call at 800.236.8499.