Umango, One of the Most Simple, Easy-to-Use Batch Scanning Application for those who Need to Scan, Index and Store Documents.

We all are aware of the growing importance of document storage, retrieval, and management. After all, who wants to be swimming around in a sea of paper? Unless you enjoy working and managing information, anyone with piles of paperwork will tell you they’d rather those piles were digital. And the best way to digitize your documents is using digital files that can then be stored in a safe, secure online location where they can be found and used. Umango is one of the easiest solutions to learn and use.

Umango is a powerful software tool that allows an easy-to-use bulk document scanning solution. At the same time allows you to create rules around the information you want to extract from your scanned paperwork or captured images and then use this information to name, file, and push it into your chosen document management system. Data from both scanned paperwork and images can be extracted simultaneously on a page-by-page basis, or combined.

Why Is Umango The Best Document Conversion Solution?

Welcome Videos

Umango has heaps of introduction and how to videos to get you up and running quickly and easily. They have just added a new Umango Welcome Video, read further for a link to the video.

Welcome Tour

When you first install Umango the Getting Started offers heaps of assistance to get you up and running.

Job Wizard

These wizards ask a few quick questions to create a Umango job to meet your needs in no time.

RegEx Wizard

Need to create a sophisticated capture? Regular expressions can help capture the information you need from your documents. The RegEx wizard in Umango helps you build the rules you need quickly and easily.

“Tech Tid Bit” Videos

These “Tech Tid Bit” videos focus on specific features of Umango in only a few minutes.

Elegant Design – All In The Browser

From the ground up Umango has focused on simplicity. Everything you need in the web browser including dashboards and a layout that is easy to follow and demonstrate.

Remote Support – When You Need It

Remote support is included in the application to allow end users and resellers to connect and get the support they need.

Backing up and restoring Umango Jobs

Umango sample jobs to demonstrate or build jobs to restore at the client site. You can back up and restore Umango jobs to replicate your solution in mere minutes.

Click on the link to watch, a series of helpful videos that will help you to understand in a better way how this great tool can help organizations to find solutions.

Relevant Features

  • Create workflows
  • Creates a set of standards for your staff to scan and process documents using a set of business rules
  • Turns both paper documents and electronic files into digitized content that can be searched and located efficiently
  • Deploy across copiers, mobile phones, tablets, dedicated document scanners and MFPs from leading manufacturers
  • Take photos on your mobile or tablet and quickly be able to profile the information and upload to your business systems
  • With supported MFD‘s allows you to view the extracted information at the touch screen of the device (profile on device ‘POD’)
  • Speed up the locating and processing of paper-based information quickly and easily
  • Helps turn manual business processes into electronic document workflows
  • Reduce bottlenecks by allowing information and images to be profiled and pushed to the business system quickly and easily. Provides a set of ‘guidelines’ for all staff to process their information and images

Interested in more information regarding the benefits of the Umango? How Umango is configured to solve the problem? And what does it use? These are great points of discussion with your customers.

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