What is PaperCut Grows?

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PaperCut has been reducing print waste for 20 years and counting, preventing 2.3 billion unnecessary pages from being printed, amounting to 280,451 trees saved. But reducing waste is just one part of the problem. They are now solving the second half of the print equation: after reducing waste, how do they give back to the environment?

PaperCut Grows is PaperCut’s sustainability program that transforms your essential documents into Forest Positive printing. 

Available with our flagship solutions PaperCut MF and PaperCut Hive, this easy-to-use in-product tool converts your documents printed into trees planted via a small up-front investment per printer.

About the program

PaperCut Grows is a new sales enablement program for PaperCut MF and PaperCut Hive that equips you with a sustainability story for approaching environmentally motivated customers.

PaperCut’s new sustainability printing program PaperCut Grows means workplaces can plant more trees than they use for printing, transforming print’s impact into a Forest Positive force for ecological renewal. PaperCut Grows empowers businesses to directly invest in the trees and forests of the world, as well as reduce waste.

With ecological friendly products becoming a fundamental requirement for commercial tenders, PaperCut Grows offers sustainability as part of holistic print management – giving customers all the tools in one solution for tracking, cost recovery, waste reduction, and Forest Positive printing.

What is Forest Positive printing?

Of all the trees cut down, 30% are pulped into paper products. Print industry consumers feel this responsibility and are already voting green with their wallets. Quocirca reports that 50% of customers expect their print supplier to help them reduce their environmental impact. The print industry, therefore, needs to hold itself accountable for the part we play.

PaperCut is joining the ranks of organizations in the print world rising to the occasion. Their print management solutions have been helping 115 million users across 195 countries to reduce paper waste for 20 years and counting. To date, PaperCut’s solutions have saved 2.3B pages from being printed. That amounts to 280,451 trees saved. 

This drive for waste reduction actually founded PaperCut: a recycling bin of overflowing abandoned printouts led their current CEO, Chris, to write a bit of code with our other co-founder, Matt. Today They’re an industry leader in print management software.

But waste reduction is only half of the print equation. The other half is: after cutting down waste, how do we give back to the planet? PaperCut has been trying to answer that question for some time. And they have made some progress. Since 2020, for every license They’ve sold, Carbon Positive Australia has planted a tree in one of its reforestation projects. Now PaperCut is doing more and they are solving that elusive part of the printing problem. WPaperCut has been saving trees, now they want to just as actively plant them with Forest Positive printing.

Forest Positive printing means your organization’s essential creativity and communication take an active part in waste reduction and restoring the planet’s natural resources. It’s achieved by managing print and planting more trees than used by your printing.

Why PaperCut Grows is important for you

  • Organizations are broadly adopting sustainable purchasing practices for RFPs and tenders; don’t get left behind
  • Win more mindshare with consultative selling and whole-of-business solutions, not just addressing
    IT pain points
  • Have new conversations with your customers – Chief Sustainability Officer, Head of Marketing, sustainability officers, communications and brand teams
  • Win more wallet share – IT and print budgets are under pressure. Sustainability budgets are growing; tap in

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