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Umango offers flexibility and efficiency in name scanning, indexing, conversion, and document storage. Umango is easy to install, configure, and use, resulting in short and painless implementation projects. Documents can be profiled in the panel on compatible MFD’s, in a browser and tablet, or within the Umango desktop application. Once captured, data and documents can be routed to a range of back-office products, databases, or network folders. Umango can do all of this and much more!

Umango has been working on some new exciting stuff! With tons of new features, Umango 21 is even bigger and better than ever. In this blog, we’ll discuss a breakdown of the newest features.

File Handling & Viewing

Support for importing all MS Office .msg and HTML formats into Umango

Convert .msg files and native MS Office files using Umango to a unified file format output such as PDF, PDF/A and many more without the need for a 3rd party PDF creating program.

PDF compression and file size optimization

Even smaller file sizes in Umango 21 = less storage and faster transferring.

Improved performance responsiveness for small screens

Umango 21 automatically adjusts for the screen real estate you have no matter what the device you are using; a large monitor, tablet or mobile device.

MFD Solutions

Umango Native Authentication at the MFD

No 3rd party Print Management needed for opportunities where secure scanning is only needed.

MFD Dedicated Embedded License Pricing

Greater opportunity to utilise the award winning Umango embedded on more MFD’s and at a better price.

New Batch Options

Scheduled batch exporting (e.g. after hours) based on their job settings.

Set a time when files will be exported and transferred to optimize bandwidth and network performance = greater performance.

Set Retry Attempts for Failed Batch Exports

In situations where there is a network or internet outage you can specify the time and number of retries Umango can attempt before logging an export failure = more robust.

Batch Owner Assignment – who created the batch

Being able to capture the creator of a batch and use that value as part of Umango processing.

Batch Processor Assignment – the person who is processing (or exported the batch)

Being able to capture the user or group that processed a batch and use that value as part of Umango

Added FileBound Connector

Adding another export connector to an already extensive export list of supported document management systems.

Individual Job back and restore.

Create Umango jobs in your own NFR and being able to backup and add those individual jobs to a customer installation= more convenience and more coffee drinking time.

OCR Improvements

Updated Tesseract OCR engine

Support for creating docx, txt, html using Tesseract OCR        

Updated ABBYY OCR engine

Even better conversion of images to text especially when converting files to Office formats.

Improvements to how OCR confidence is displayed for user.

Improved heads up in Umango for the user to see a snippet of the OCR text and the OCR confidence of what has been extracted. Provides a better user experience and allows for the creation of automation rules of when to get the user involved.

Select OCR language at zone level

Even greater control over what OCR languages to use to detect and convert information within specific regions of your documents = greater flexibility.

Select zone OCR context

Provides the OCR engine context around the surrounding text you are converting = improved accuracy.

Zone Property Default Value

Use a default value for a zone; the user only needs to change the default value when needed. Speeds up processing and also allows powerful Umango Merge values and calculations to be used to create a default value based on mathematical and other zone variables.

Zone location movement in browser.

When drawing a zone, you can now move it to see the image behind = more friendlier.

New Barcode Engine

Everybody loves barcodes – they are fast and accurate. The new engine allows for poor quality barcodes and more complicated barcodes being detected and at an even faster rate.

Professional Tier –Enable document import at any browser

Avoids any issue of roaming I.P addresses of computers as a source.

ecoprintQ is a proud Umango Partner. An authorized solution center, ecoprintQ is here to help you with anything and everything Umango, from remote demos to remote installs to webinar training. For more information on Umango and how it can benefit your business, contact us at 800.236.8499 or

Umango Version 21

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