EcoprintQ is at the Coors Field Ballpark in Denver, Colorado for our in-person healthcare training event

ecoprintQ is at the Coors Field Ballpark in Denver, Colorado for our in-person healthcare training event. Speakers include rf IDEAS Inc, PaperCut Software International, ecoprintQ’s Healthcare Specialist Ross Wood, and much more. This in-person event has been designed to keep our dealers and resellers up-to-date on the latest information on the printing industry and healthcare.

Healthcare Organizations face unique challenges that can make it difficult to provide a consistent experience for their staff while maintaining patient information secure. That’s why we’re excited to be a part of this event and share how PaperCut products and rf IDEAS Inc, can help you reduce costs by eliminating expensive print servers or integrating with existing infrastructure while maintaining patient information secure. 

During this event, our ecoPartners will review:

  • EMR Integration
  • VDI Infrastructure Support
  • High Availability
  • Mobile Authentication

Helping hospitals save thousands on their printing bills.

The Healthcare Industry is much more complex than any other industry out there. It’s filled with regulatory challenges and patient information security considerations that the rest of us can’t even begin to fathom. For those reasons, it’s a great time for Healthcare Organizations to adopt a Guest Printing solution such as PaperCut MF, and the hardware products that rf IDEAS develops and produces. With these two, they are enabled to meet their unique needs, while also saving them hours of labor every day. Every Healthcare Organization is different and their technology requirements are diverse. For that reason, it’s important to have a partner who has thought through their unique and individual needs and can provide them with a solution that’s tailored to meet those. If you’re interested in learning more about PaperCut MF and its healthcare features please emai us at:

5 best practices for healthcare printing

Check out the pdf below to learn more about 5 best practices for healthcare printing

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