Umango The Easiest and Fastest Document Capture Solution

Whether you are a law firm, market research company, advertising agency, or non-profit, Umango Connectors can help your business with data capture. Umango Connectors will help you provide great value to your customers by enabling them to capture and share their data in the cloud. Customers have outgrown their dependency on paper use and are doing all they can to eliminate it. A transition to a secure, online environment will save time and solve their problems. Umango is the solution that offers your customer that secure, online environment as well as a client connector solution.

With Umango you can scan documents, convert them into searchable PDFs, and store them in the cloud. This allows you to keep your documents organized and accessible from anywhere and is one of the easiest to install capture solutions on the market. This solution can create zones of metadata and export this to a PDF document within minutes. You can even bulk scan documents and use logic to separate them automatically. This includes Image Enhancements to select Zones and Properties, and Merged Text using Connectors. 

How to open the conversation?

Ask your clients, “What document management or practice management system do you currently use”? If they don’t have any in place yet, ask if they would be interested in Umango as a new solution for their office or practice. Follow these simple questions to find out 

Questions to ask:

  • What document management or practice management system do you use?
  • How do you store your documents?
  • How do you retrieve your documents?
  • How do you track your documents?
  • How do you share your documents?

Our tech tidbits section is a repository of technical details about the integrations, connectors, and other features available for Umango.

We have created a repository of technical videos about Umango’s integrations, connectors, and other features in one place. Learn more about the technical details of Umango, including how it integrates with popular business applications and devices. This would help you to demonstrate the benefits of this software.

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