How does cloud print work?

Cloud printing is a convenient way to print from anywhere. As a cloud-based solution, it enables you to print remotely and outside your local network by securely and speedily sending print jobs over the internet. The type of cloud-based print service most employees might be familiar with is sending a document from their smartphone or tablet to a printer in another location. This solution lets your end-users find their printers and send their print jobs from the client to their chosen printer.

Cloud printing is a technology that allows users to print remotely over the internet. This is often used by mobile devices, as it allows for printing from any location and eliminates the need for printer drivers, and links the printer and device together, which allows the printer to receive digital information through a third-party data center that operates in the cloud. Cloud printers are popular in enterprise environments where employees are often mobile or work from home occasionally.

A popular cloud print solution for printing over the internet was Google Cloud Print. Sadly, that was deprecated in 2021 and is no longer supported by Google. However, PaperCut Mobility Print is a free Google Cloud Print alternative for BYOD print enablement and cloud printing. When combined with PaperCut, more print control and features are added to Mobility Print.

PaperCut Mobility Print

This tool leverages the cloud service and enables printing outside local networks and from untrusted guest networks. An example of this solution is when you send a document from a smartphone or tablet to a printer in another location on the same network. An example of this solution is when you send a document from a laptop to a printer in another location. Another example would be if you wanted to print something from your workplace desktop computer, but your physical printer isn’t located next to it. With cloud printing, you can send the document directly to another printer that’s connected to the same network as your office computer.

How is this possible?

Secure remote printing is possible thanks to Mobility Print’s Cloud Print feature. Jobs and metadata traverse the cloud via an encrypted peer-to-peer connection. This functionality is secure-by-default due to using WebRTC. All print jobs are fully encrypted end-to-end using DTLS protocols. Data is never stored on a public cloud server.

Printing is fast because print jobs stay local when possible to ensure lightning-quick printing speed. Peer-to-peer is more than secure. It also means your print jobs travel to the printer via the fastest route available.

Printing stays simple. You select print inside your interface for optimal ease of use. Print simply from any application on any device.

If you’re searching for a Google Cloud Print alternative, PaperCut Mobility Print is recommended by Google themselves. PaperCut is also a premiere Google Cloud Partner and is Google Chrome Enterprise recommended. 

When considering whether to adopt or expand your use of cloud printing services for your enterprise, you want to ensure that your company’s data is secure. You will need to consider the following:

  • Encryption. The encryption process involves converting plain text into a form that cannot be read by anyone but its intended recipient. It also ensures that when data passes through the network, it remains private and secure.
  • Access control. This involves managing access to print-related resources throughout the organization. When it comes to user printing, consider who can access printers, what printers should be accessible, should secure-print release occur, and whether restrictions to printer availability should be in place based on the time of day, such as after hours. For print administration, access to settings on print devices, available printer network communication protocols, and strong authentication to systems that enable print functionality should also be a factor.

The cloud printer itself doesn’t exist in a physical location; instead, it is accessed through an app on your computer or mobile device. The benefit of this is that your organization can have multiple printers accessible to your users.

The right cloud print service can help your organization save money and resources by giving employees the flexibility to print documents, presentations, and other items from anywhere. It’s also an excellent solution for mobile workers who need to print while away from their office.

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How does cloud print work?

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