Google and Epic announce BIG partnership for hosting EMR in the cloud.

We’ve been wondering for a while now if Google was going to make a move into the huge healthcare industry, and we finally have our answer – a big YES! Google is now offering hosting services for Epic customers’ EMR environments, giving them more options for how it’s managed and controlled. This is a huge step forward for Google and the healthcare industry, and it’s exciting to see what else they have in store!

How will this affect us managed services providers and copier dealers?

At ecoprintQ, we believe that this partnership will have a very positive impact for our partner channel. We have a few reasons why we think this will lead to more opportunities for our partner network.

Google and PaperCut already have a partnership in place! Anything they do could potentially lead to more print enablement from PaperCut. Plus, we also already work well in private cloud hosted environments such as AWS, Azure and now Google Cloud.

The ability to support secure print release, audit trails and all the great things PaperCut can do still are still in demand.  With print providers, epic connectors, and other means of configuring our setup, we can still support Epic printing. Even if it’s coming from a cloud server.

We’re hopeful that this means more customers will be able to manage their own Epic environment. Unfortunately, when it comes to 3rd party companies that host and manage the Epic print servers, we run into some challenges. This is true for other EMRs as well. In these customer scenarios, it can be very difficult to get EMR print tracking and secure print release enabled. The third party can be unresponsive or unwilling to install the necessary clients, providers, or connectors to the servers that PaperCut needs to enable its core features. With more customers able to host their environment in the cloud, we hope they take that option, allowing them to have the freedom they want and get the most out of PaperCut MF.

It looks like Google isn’t going to be limiting their services and offerings to just cloud hosting anytime soon. With Chromebooks being such a popular product, and the healthcare industry transitioning to a more mobile workforce, it’s only a matter of time before you see your doctor holding a Chromebook during your appointment. This could lead to an increased use of Chromebooks, which is great news for PaperCut resellers, as we already know how well Chromebooks and PaperCut work together.

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Ross Wood – ecoprintQ Healthcare Specialist
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Google and Epic announce BIG partnership for hosting EMR in the cloud.
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