Reshaping the Copier Industry

Future trends show a steady reshaping of the copier industry. Function consolidation, new pricing models, expanding product and service offerings and advancing technology have impacted spend strategies across large and small businesses.

These changes are reinforcing the gradual decline of office printing and the dependency on the printed page however a truly paperless office is not here yet. A recent survey by Foxit shows that although there has been a large reduction in paper use, there is still a sizable percentage of offices that rely on printing daily. You can find the details here.

Understandably, there are industries that regard a printed document as a valuable sales tool. Hardcopies represent a utility and convenience that digital versions cannot always match. Many companies are taking the time to review their copier and printer costs and finding a few important ways to manage those costs.

Reduce Personal Printers

A common concern with all companies that may handle an individual’s personal information is the possibility of exposing that when printing at a larger networked printer/copier. To remedy this, many offices have several personal printers. Using PaperCutMF and secure release, printing sensitive documents will not be a problem as they are only released by authentication with either a pin code or ID card, effectively removing the need for personal printers.

Reduce the Variety of Brand and Model Printers Under Lease.

Single function printers are becoming a thing of the past as multi-function printers (MFP) combine printing, copying, faxing and scanning all in one. With increased efficiencies, these devices lower costs by merging capabilities into one unit and reducing the number of supplies that need to be purchased regularly.

Deploy Managed Print Service (MPS).

Offered by print providers and available for purchase as separate software, it will oversee all aspects of a company’s printing-related devices, encompassing printers, copiers, faxes, and scanners. MPS promises to optimize devices, leading to cost savings, reduction in paper wastage and increased efficiency. PaperCutMF is available through print providers globally as well as a software package available for purchase by small and medium-sized business.

New varieties of tech partnerships are occurring, with print vendors beginning to partner with a more diverse range of companies to incorporate innovative technologies into their products, business models and channel offerings. The continued print and digital convergence drive increased demand for integrated document workflow.

As the MFPs from major vendors become increasingly reliable with MPS readily available to any size business, the key is finding that combination based on a company’s needs rather than a surplus of personal devices. This paired with a vendor that delivers knowledgeable and reliable support is what makes a true service partner.

ecoprintQ is an authorized solution center serving all of North and Latin America. As an authorized solution center, we will help you with any PaperCutMF related issues or questions you may have.

Reshaping the Copier Industry

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