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When it comes to Education, the administration office may be a section of the school that can be overlooked. For faculty members, dealing with high volumes of student records can be stressful. Especially if they don’t have the simple tools to get certain information they need. Umango software programs, Convert and Extract are extremely beneficial to educational institutions.

Imagine having multiple stacks of student enrollment paperwork on your administrators’ desk. If they need to get certain information like first name, last name, and date of birth of a group of students, simply create a job to obtain this information with umango.

Document Conversion

Umango Convert is a simple to use and easy to configure file conversion application. Convert includes various file formats to choose from when choosing a source of files, you would like to convert, as well as allowing you to choose from existing folders. You can even scan documents from your supported MFP.

With image files, if you need to revert them back to a word, excel document, or even a text searchable PDF/A, you can. Text Searchable PDF/A’s lets you search words or phrases in your converted documents. When it comes to saving, you can save your documents to an email address, FTP, or network location. If you want more saving options, Convert has a range of ready to use document management systems for you.

Scanning and Data Extraction

If you’re in need of a bulk scanning software, Umango Extract is the software for you. Create rules around information you want to extract scanned documents with umango Extract. Extract information from captured images as well, later use the extracted information to name, file, and push it into a variety of document management systems.

Teachers who need to scan a high quantity of paperwork can do so right at their multi-function printer. The paperwork they need will then be imaged so they can make sure the information they needed to extract is accurate on their P.C, tablet, mobile, or MFP screen.

Similarly, if a teacher would like to show their class a specific chart on a book page, but don’t really needed the extra information on the page, they could scan the page and using Umango Extract, and simply extract the chart itself. That way it can be printed and passed out without all of the unnecessary information. Chart, images, or specific passages can all be extract if needed.

Umango has awesome features for education that are constantly being worked on to ensure educators get the most. From helping out administrators, to making life a little easier for teachers, umango for education has what you need to be successful in finding the information you need easily, quickly, and without the huge hassle.

ecoprintQ is an authorized solution center and umango partner. We have solutions and answers to all your umango related questions. If you would like to learn more about how umango will benefit your educational institution, email us at or call us today at 800-236-8499.

umango for Education

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