New Version Release

Umango announces the release of version 23 and introduces AI technology to the masses

The release of Umango version 23 introduces AI technology to the masses, making it an easy and enjoyable experience to capture information from documents. The much-anticipated release is the culmination of years of experience and customer feedback, along with modern AI technologies and data processing techniques. Version 23 of Umango includes some amazing new features, […]

Introducing Intuitive for PaperCut MF Version 3 ​

This new version has had a thorough overhaul, with a new look and many powerful new features. The dashboards incorporate filters, which provide more granular scope of your data, and grid row totals, which allow you to calculate sums, averages and high/low values in your components. Intuitive for PaperCut provides a quick live view of […]

What’s New in PaperCut’s 19.1 Release?

PaperCut recently released their new version 19.1 and we’re super excited about it. Read about some of the highlighted features from this wonderful new release! Print Deploy Taking the complexity out of deploying print queues to increase productivity, print deploy is a new user-friendly feature from PaperCut that automates the time-consuming task of installing print […]

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