The Proof is in the Data – The Rise of the Print Analytics Industry

10 years ago, Roger Stocker became the CEO of Intuitive Business Intelligence, a print and data analytics company that specializes in informative and personalized dashboards. The dashboards are designed to simplify the way that data is shown to customers. Intuitive’s purpose is to present partners with analytic solutions that are current with today’s practice.

Whilst working in the United States, Roger realized that the fax market was huge, particularly in healthcare. Roger was asked to investigate print analytics and soon gained a successful partnership with Process Flows. Through this collaboration, Intuitive was introduced to Konica Minolta, and a door into the world of print opened. Roger quickly discovered that too much data was being produced in the wrong format to be useful. This problem was a springboard from which Intuitive and Konica Minolta found their market: make data simple to interpret and inclusive. Intuitive has now signed global distribution agreements and the product is reaching a much wider market. 

Pre-pandemic, the slow decline in print volumes meant that businesses needed to evolve to increase their revenue. Providers joined forces to create scale. However, this was not all plain sailing as there were potential culture clashes. The integration of Intuitive within the print industry has meant that organizations can now understand the data within the customer’s business and spot opportunities in which they could grow their profits and efficiency.

Through print data, Intuitive challenges the old norms of physical printing. Once you start to understand print data and look at ways that printing can be done differently, the opportunities to interact with customers are immense:

  • Upsell to them
  • Personalize your service  
  • Be more efficient

Tracking data has allowed Intuitive to see the decline of printing during the pandemic, with overall print volumes being down by 70%. The rise of home-working has had a massive impact.  As it has greatly reduced the ability to print off huge volumes of work. Web-based transactions have started to increase, but there is not necessarily the infrastructure to support it. Data protection is difficult to control and documents have gone missing. This is where Intuitive comes in, with their print analytic systems which allow customers to report on print movements and identify trends.

In the long term, print channels will have to offer a comprehensive solution when dealing with analytics. Regardless of if the screen looks pretty, you must understand the value behind the data. The goal is to show customers financial and efficiency improvements for their business.

Roger believes the future of print lies within the Cloud. By providing cross-company analytical data, businesses can provide powerful information regarding company progress, type of documents, and print solutions, to name a few.

In short, as Roger himself says “there are opportunities for the channel to exploit the analytics, to enable them to drive more synergies between traditional print and digitization opportunities.”

The full interview is also available to watch on YouTube here

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The Proof is in the Data – The Rise of the Print Analytics Industry

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