Want to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint? Here are 4 Ways to Get Started!

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Three commonly used words, adding recycling to your daily routine doesn’t take much and helps our planet more than you think. Introducing a recycling system in your workplace and at home could spark those around you to be conscious of plastics and paper use. The trucks that transport your garbage to the landfills also burn fossil fuels.

Introducing a recycling routine is the simplest way to show your efforts in helping the planet. Taking the time to learn or teach others the importance of recycling or using reusable bags when they’re going to the grocery store, for example, are simple ways to have those around you partake in reducing carbon footprints.

  • Carpool or take Public Transportation

If you have coworkers who live near you, taking turns in a carpool would not only save you some gas money and mileage but also reduce pollution. Taking public transportation, riding your bike to work, or trying out a rideshare app are also great alternatives. With fewer cars on the road, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions decrease.

  • Invest in Smart Home Devices

Many smart home devices like Google and Alexa can now be linked to your home systems to turn off lights on command and control your thermostat. With all these technological advances not only would you be saving some money on power bills, but you would be reducing the amount of energy being used up.

  • Buy Second-Hand

Thrift stores always have hidden gems. There are a lot of cool stuff and stylish outfits to find. By buying second-hand you save unwanted clothes from ending up in landfills. Likewise, donating the clothes you no longer want to second-hand shops is the best thing to do with unwanted clothes that are almost always recyclable. With more people shopping second hand and donating their clothes, it lessens the production of clothing.

While some may think that these small acts, don’t help much, they do. Every little bit counts. Those around you may also be inspired to follow your lead and invest in helping our planet. ecoprintQ is a PaperCut certified authorized solution center and Umango distributor.  For more information on how to get started with PaperCut’s leading Print Management Software or Umango’s Document Capture and Digitalization software, give us a call at 800.236.8499 or email us at sales@ecoprintq.com

Want to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint? Here are 4 Ways to Get Started!

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