Meet our support team at ecoprintQ

At ecoprintQ ,we understand that providing a service is not just supporting our software tools, it is much more. It means helping our Channels with their final customers, fine-tuning the best option for each opportunity or requirement, and giving advice on optimizing printing environments even beyond their network infrastructure, with the continuous search for high availability and business continuity.

Having a dedicated support team for the United States and another for LATAM sets us apart because each region faces different challenges for which we are prepared to deal with every day. For us, every challenge is an opportunity to win our customers’ loyalty!

Our greatest strength is the human factor and pride in the support that our engineers give every day; that is why say “today is a good day for ecoprintQ” when we receive compliments from our resellers and customers.

“Since Advanced Office made the switch to ecoprintQ as our primary ASC PaperCut, we have been very impressed with the level of care and knowledge that ecoprintQ provides. Not only do they respond, but they also take the time to find creative solutions to unique challenges that have resulted in an increase in customer satisfaction. With ecoprintQ, we feel we have a true partner, Jay Bartlett MCP, MCTS, MCITP – Solutions IT Manager | Advanced Office

“I wanted to take a minute to say thank you once again for everything your support. Since Sergio Ospina redesigned our Find Me Print, my team has been able to expand our FMP to several places. Before Sergio visited, we could only have FMP in three sites with limitations and problems from these sites. We have now expanded FMP to 9 sites with 11 sites scheduled for 2019 and another 23 scheduled for 2020FMP is the standard for printing now and is working well, Rick Bowling – AVP, IT Service Delivery Manage

“Huntington’s leading team is an elite client for us. The team is very satisfied, we were able to expand this valuable impression. For this I am grateful to your team,” Rick Bowling.

HP Innovation Day 2020

ecoprintQ continues to develop its relationship with Hewlett-Packard (HP) in Latin America. In its recent technological innovation event “Innovation DAY- El ecosistema del Futuro 2020” held in Colombia, ecoprintQ through its branch in the country, helped HP clients understand the importance of making a responsible digital transformation in all market sectors. Digital transformation must encompass much more than changing equipment or digitizing documents.

Digital transformation should be a concept that stimulates technological decisions in various areas of a company, from migrating manual processes to automated processes that allow greater efficiency and internal optimization, to creating sustainable environments where technology resources are cared for with responsible use of them and also with a reduction in environmental impact and improvements in the quality of service to the customers we all serve.

Aligned to the Importance that HP taught to the focus of Security in Data and document management in digital processing, ecoprintQ showed the scope of PaperCutMF’s security policies for point to point encryption under GDPR Security guidelines (General Data Protection Regulation); which were exposed by the Channel Manager of ecoprintQ for Central America Diana Ochoa.

With the participation of more than 500 people, these events give us opportunity to grow with HP and demonstrate our intention to service as a common purpose between HP and ecoprintQ.

Meet & Greet ecoprintQ Argentina

In September the opening of the new facilities of our local office in Argentina was inaugurated, this process was led by Dario Sánz Director of the Argentina Office, who thanks to his work in the country, was able to gather different partners who enjoyed this ceremony that shows a growth and work in the country.


Event ecoprintQ Chile

In May 2019, the annual event of ecoprintQ Chile was held, where most of our partners participated, whether they are brands or companies in the world of outsourcing, allowing us to celebrate another year of good results and strategic relationships with each one, which has led us to grow together and be one of the main players in the market.

We thank each attendee for their participation, commitment and willingness to enjoy an evening designed for them.



ecoprintQ and our history

In this news published in September in the Central America and Caribbean magazine, Alfredo Milanés and Ever Milanés, founders of ecoprintQ, tell us part of their story, which motivates them, what is the service of the company, how they project the year 2019 among other topics.