What Every Business Needs to Know About Umango

Do you need a flexible and efficient scanning solution? Umango offers flexibility and efficiency in name scanning, indexing, conversion, and document storage. Umango is easy to install, configure, and use, resulting in short and painless implementation projects. Documents can be profiled in the panel on compatible MFDs, in a browser and tablet, or within the […]

Understand the M-Files connector configuration

There are a number of ways the M-Files connector can be configured in your environment, and understanding those configurations is important for ensuring that your file upload process works correctly. The following guide will walk you through the configuration requirements for your specific integration.    There are a number of ways the M-Files connector can be […]

How to save 280,451 trees with one PaperCut feature

If you’re reading this you’re most likely at a crossroads with printing for your business. You’re then most likely asking yourself, “There must be better ways to print today?” That line of questioning will lead you to ask if there are better ways to cut costs, better ways to keep your team safe, better ways […]

Value Adding with Umango

How to use Umango to differentiate andlearn more about your clients. Whether you are already comfortable with selling solutions or are unsure about the approach, there are some valuable advantages to discussing Umango with your clients. Leveraging off the multi-function printer (MFP) or dedicated scanner, Umango solutions provide a great way to differentiate your offering, […]

Toshiba and Umango the perfect combination for your daily operations!

Umango is an essential application for Toshiba MFP devices. Umango is an essential application for Toshiba MFP devices. These great combinations of tools complement the Toshiba device by adding powerful document conversion capabilities that enable companies to extract additional value from scanned documents. In just one go documents can be imported directly on the multi-function […]

Global Announcement Embedded Support for Toshiba

Umango is pleased to announce the agreement of their embedded scanning, capture, and conversion solution on Toshiba devices We are excited to announce that Umango embedded scanning and conversion platforms will be available in the new Toshiba Embedded Solutions. This agreement will allow Toshiba customers to add scanning and conversion functionality to their solution set […]

Umango: Deeper Look into the Email Merge Connector

Customised email replies using data from your scanned images. What is an email merge I hear you ask? This feature allows you to extract data from images and scanned paperwork and use it to dynamically build emails to send to recipients. This gives a professional, informative reply that contains personalised information. You can build custom […]

Umango for Government

Flexible Solutions to Solve the Image Capturing Challenges for Government Departments Our cost effective solutions enable you to create workflow around how you want your information captured and stored with minimal complexity. A key to Umango is making sure our solutions are straightforward and easy to use. Our aim is to make sure you are […]

Umango for Occupational Health & Safety Industry

Occupational Health & Safety is concerned with protecting the safety, health, and welfare of people engaged in work or employment. Umango can offer an excellent solution to capturing information about a work process by providing the ability to capture not only paper-based documentation but mobile and tablet images and prompting for pre-defined business rules around […]

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