Estamos entusiasmados em compartilhar com você nossa mais recente campanha de certificação para os profissionais de vendas e suporte dos revendedores! Queremos reconhecer e recompensar seu comprometimento em aprimorar suas habilidades e conhecimentos em nossos produtos *Serão premiados com camisetas os profissionais com os primeiros certificados emitidos Sales Foundation e Tech Foundation. (02 camisetas por […]

rfIDEAS, PaperCut and ecoprintQ are teaming up for HIMSS23

If you work in healthcare, then you probably have heard about HIMSS. The most influential healthcare information technology conference in the US. We’re very excited to announce that we will be once again helping to represent PaperCut and rfIDEAS at the event. Both partners have some exciting new product enhancements that will surely help the […]

Moving to a Private Cloud – Things to consider

The process for moving your PaperCut MF Application Server between two on-premises servers is the same whether you’re moving it to a cloud platform hosted by Google, Microsoft, or Amazon. The distinction is in the extra work you’ll put in up front to make sure cloud hosting is appropriate for your business and in the […]

Google and Epic announce BIG partnership for hosting EMR in the cloud.

We’ve been wondering for a while now if Google was going to make a move into the huge healthcare industry, and we finally have our answer – a big YES! Google is now offering hosting services for Epic customers’ EMR environments, giving them more options for how it’s managed and controlled. This is a huge […]

Umango and data extraction tools

Umango is an awesome batch scanning application that makes it easy to quickly scan, name, index and store documents. It’s super efficient and fast, so you can get your scanning done in no time! Plus, it’s really user-friendly and makes organizing documents a breeze! Need to quickly scan documents? No problem! You can easily scan […]

Umango announces the release of version 23 and introduces AI technology to the masses

The release of Umango version 23 introduces AI technology to the masses, making it an easy and enjoyable experience to capture information from documents. The much-anticipated release is the culmination of years of experience and customer feedback, along with modern AI technologies and data processing techniques. Version 23 of Umango includes some amazing new features, […]

What are your serverless printing options?

It’s important to remember that no two IT environments are the same. Each has its own unique integrations, dependencies, and printer brands and models. That’s why PaperCut offers a variety of serverless printing solutions to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a self-hosted, fully-hosted, public, private cloud, or fully-featured print management solution, we’ve got […]

Serverless Printing: Print Server vs Serverless Printing

A dedicated print server used to be the sole way to control printing. Then “serverless” print management was made possible with the advent of cloud computing. But if you’re there debating between print servers and serverless, and which might be better? Actually, looking at it the wrong way. It’s not about one being better than […]

Serverless Printing: What It Is, How It Works, And Why You Need It

What is serverless printing? Serverless printing is a relatively new trend in the print industry, and it’s already changing the way we think about managing print servers. Serverless printing is quickly becoming a necessity for companies of all sizes, so understanding what serverless printing is and how it works will help you manage your print […]

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